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Love Bullets, a hot jewellery brand with a purpose!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Hot Jewellery brand ‘Love Bullets’ has got everyone wearing it. It’s rapidly become a celebrity favourite and has adorned the likes of the hottest necks; Pixie Geldof, Henry Holland, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and Dizzie Rascal to name a few. Previously a ‘hard to get’ must-have item, the brand is now exclusively available at

large_clear_crystal_love_bullet_500_1_150_96_86_height.jpg 2 large_red_crystal_love_bullet__500_1_150_86_86_height.jpg 2 small_white_crystal_love_bullet_500_1_150_92_86_height

The idea behind Love Bullets was to change a product of violence (the Bullet) and create an item that can symbolise peace, whilst uniting fashion, creativity and charitable causes.  De-commissioned bullets, in silver and pewter have been bejewelled with a Swarovski Crystal to create eye-catching wearable items of jewellery. ‘it evaporates the bullets’s capacity for mass destruction and simply adorns it with beauty’ Emmanuel Jal co founder

30mm retails at £30 and 50mm at £35, all are available to buy from sugarbullets here.

cheryl cole lovebullets sarah harding lovebullets hENRY hOLLAND lOVE BULLET


Amplified on X Factor

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Everyone’s loving Amplified at the moment… even the amazing X Factor finalists are getting in on the act!

Check out Jamie wearing a rock tee from our Ram Collection, Danyl Johnson in the Beatles logo tee and Joe rocking one of our amazing Guns N Roses Pistol T-shirt.

Get the X factor look here!

xfactor 1 guns n roses

x factor 2 Sinful

Amplified teams up with Harley Davidson

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Fashionistas, bikers and rock’ n’ roll lovers, Amplified is proud to introduce its Harley Davidson collection! Harley Davidson is THE iconic rock ‘n’ roll outsider brand and a dream partner for Amplified.

The collection includes two ranges, “Amplified Vintage” and “Amplified Ultimate” available in men’s and women’s styles.  “Vintage” depicts the classic Harley Davidson’s signature archive prints while “Ultimate” is a must-have for the bold fashion addict, boasting Swarovski crystals and studs.

This biker look gives fashion a new edge this Autumn…  Hurry and grab your Amplified Harley Davidson T-shirt here!



Check back next week for details of Amplified’s Harley Davidson competition!