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Tee of the Week!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Hello SugarBulleters! Hope ya’ll having an amazing week and are getting ready to rock out this weekend whatever you’re doing.

With an exciting year of music ahead of us in 2014 whether that be new tours or tracks, there’s always time to take a look back and appreciate some of the classics bands and sounds that have paved the way for many bands now and many more to come.

Doing just so, we have got our hands on this stunning new Ladies Bye Bye Badman Stone Roses Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt from Amplified Vintage!

The perfect way to celebrate the madchaster days and the recent revival, this amazing new design is a flattering as they come and has more style than we know what to do with!

Pick up your Stone Roses T-Shirt today from £24.99.

Also available in Men’s sizes too! Men’s Logo Stone Roses T-Shirt.

What do you think?

New Retro T-Shirts from Urban Species!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

That’s right peeps! We’ve gone all 80-90s chic with our latest collection from retro tee brand Urban Species.

Featuring some of the coolest cats from back in the day, our latest additions to our music t-shirt collection come inspired by Life Magazine’s most loved covers that are chock with retro styles and faces. Oh and all these are available in mens and ladies sizes too!

Kicking things off is this wicked tee featuring one of the coolest cats from the 80s and 90s Will Smith. Loving the classic old school styling of this range with a signature Life logo on the neck.

Will Smith T-Shirt

White Life Magazine Cover Will Smith 80's T-Shirt

This next T-Shirt celebrates the genius of one of America’s greatest musicians, Johnny Cash who brought us such cult classics as, I Walk The Line and Ring Of Fire. You know the ones! Featuring a little montage of the man himself, we love the photographic style of these designs which is so popular right now.

White Life Magazine Cover Johnny Cash T-Shirt

White Life Magazine Cover Johnny Cash T-Shirt

Last but no means least is this fun New Kids on the Block T-Shirt featuring the whole gang. These guys certainly left their mark on the 80s with swooning teens lusting after their daring fashion choices and boy band good looks.

White Life Magazine Cover New Kids On The Block 90's T-Shirt

White Life Magazine Cover New Kids On The Block 90's T-Shirt

For more retro awesomeness, check out the rest of our Urban Species T-Shirts starting from only £19.99!